Bepensa revolutionises the gigantic Mexican
market for auto parts

Generating over $100,000 dollars in sales from their marketplace within
the first month of launch, means Megamak, a subsidiary of Bepensa, is
well on its way to success.

A bold marketplace vision – matched to the world’s best marketplace
platform – guarantees the best possible customer experience

Aiming to maximise user experience and customer satisfaction through the use of cutting edge innovation and technology, Megamak offers quality automotive products ranging from motor parts to tools. Catering to Mexico, the United States of America, and the Dominican Republic, they strive to one day be the leading online provider for automotive parts in Mexico. Megamak's current focus is on onboarding more customers and members through marketing and providing an unparalleled customer experience in terms of convenience and availability.

The "big inventory" challenge is a commitment hurdle

Despite the benefits of offering a wide variety of products, this volume of products also posed a challenge to Megamak when it came to indexing. Yet, cataloguing every item was a manual process which Megamak accepted in order to reach its goal of offering over 5,000 SKUs.

The arduous indexing paid-off for Megamak and its customers in the solution

Meticulous indexing allowed for the emergence of a custom search with auto-complete and suggestion functions and filtering capabilities by brand, price and types of parts. Furthermore, they were able to set up a complex pricing matrix that set prices per item based on the location of the nearest warehouse to the delivery location of the customer, enabling customers to enjoy a proportionate delivery fee.

Megamak also engaged the services of Arcadier’s Expert Partner, Towa Software, for a custom the user experience across web and mobile app. This resulted in a completely unique interface for Megamak's platform, that was 100% on-brand and integrated completely into Arcadier's flexible templates.

Why Arcadier?

Bepensa selected Arcadier to power Megamak's new online marketplace due to our unparalleled range of customisation. Providing a true marketplace with buyer, seller and administrative portals greatly allowed for more flexibility and customisation in their set-up. This allowed Megamak to showcase their branding, include pertinent features to facilitate transaction processes, and stand out from their competitors.

In addition, Arcadier offered both general marketplace and business-specific built-in plugins, and also enabled the integration of multiple payment portals such as Paypal and Stripe. Megamak's build currently has more than 10 APIs and 13 developed plugins.

Arcadier is a perfect pathway to future enhancements

With 2,800 SKUs currently completed and offered on their retail platform, Megamak has projected a total of over 5,000 SKUs to be offered in the future. Contingent on Megamak's digital success, Bepensa is also looking to expand their other subsidiaries such as financial services and alcoholic beverages online.

To-date, Megamak's stable start as a marketplace could be attributed to several reasons: a priority on creating a superior customer experience, an extensive volume of quality products and the nicheness of the automotive parts industry, online. However, Bepensa's cautious strategy of testing-the-waters before digitally transforming its other subsidiaries, is an integral clue to the parent company's methodological process in seeding success.

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