Scoperta - tapping the joy of discovery

Every brand must find the value proposition that resonates with its target
audience. For Scoperta, it's about helping people discover some of the best wines
in the US; wines that are not usually visible or available through traditional retail
channels. Scoperta CEO and Co-founder, Adrienne Fasano said there is a general
disconnect between buying and exploring wine online. She observed, "As a lover
of wine & discovery, I was never excited to buy wine online. I became frustrated &
disappointed in the transactional nature of the industry."

Discovery involves personal and physical journeys

Far more than just listing and distributing inventory, Scoperta now sends tasting teams led by Dan Pilkey, Chief Wine Officer & Sommelier at Scoperta, to every wine region in the US looking for undiscovered, undervalued, and wildly interesting wineries.

According to Pilkey, "Scoperta doesn't actually sell wine, it's in the discovery business". That's a colourful way of saying the joy of discovery and learning is an essential part of the customer experience for wine-lovers, like fresh rhythms and melodies inspiring music-lovers. Of course, Scoperta sells beautiful wines. Yet, these are built into an immersive customer experience that respects the journey.

To place Scoperta's innovation into a context, there over 10,000 wineries in the United States but fewer than 2,000 are accessible to the average wine drinker, as retail distribution only represents a small percentage of wineries. Only 20% of those 10,000 wineries have the resources for marketing and distribution and Scoperta represents the other 80% who are generally focussed on quality over quantity. There is an immense amount of quality in this boutique wine sector that is reasonably priced. "That's why", Pilkey implored, "we created Scoperta to be the voice of the small, distinct, incredible wineries of this country."

The name-of-the-game is matching the most flexible and powerful
marketplace technology, to experiential brands like Scoperta

With an abundance of wineries too small to go mainstream, but too good to ignore, there was an untapped opportunity to leverage new marketplace technology to increase access to America's eclectic winemakers.

The marketplace technology platform had to enable a beautiful front-end design and architecture befitting an experiential brand. The complex transactional processes between buyers, sellers and the site owner (Scoperat) had to be seamless, 100% resolved and ready to roll-out. This made choosing Arcadier easy, according to Fasano, because, "it offered unmatched functionality out-of-the-box, in its core SaaS product. We wanted our tech team to focus on refining and perfecting, rather than wasting precious time and money building from scratch. Arcadier's marketplace platform suited Scoperta's high brand expectations."

Killer wines discovered, ordered and shipped directly to customers from small, amazing wineries -
no warehouses, no distributors and no added expense 

It's a crisp business proposition with compelling weight. Nicholas Renford, Chief Marketing Officer at Arcadier said, "Scoperta's clarity of purpose means Arcadier's job is to operate seamlessly, supportively and invisibly in the background to support a great customer experience. We do that beautifully as a marketplace platform."

Arcadier’s growth in North America is now reflected in the surging number of enquiries throughout 2022. According to Brian Conn, Sales Director for North America, “Scoperta demonstrates how Arcadier showcases big brands on a true marketplace platform. It’s the next generation of eCommerce”.

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